Are you ready to live the life you have always wanted?

Get the Life By Design Journal! It's a hard cover journal that is the right size to fit in your bag and you can carry it along with you daily

Packed full of essential sheets for your goals, tasks, financials and prayer requests, its a steal at just N3000

Here's why our customers love the Life By Design Daily Journal


The Journal is undated. That means you can start to use it at any time and use it for a full year before you need to get another one.

Goal Planning

Plan your goals and action steps for each month and then go ahead to plan your tasks daily.

Finance Trackers

Where does your money go? Keep track of all expenses and income monthly.

Set Your Goals Monthly

Create your Plan for achieving your goals

Every month set your goals and create an action plan that will get you quickly to achieving those goals.

Drill down into where your money comes from and where it goes to so you can also set goals for the next month with a clear idea of what your outgoings and income are monthly.

Daily Calendar
Identify your top goal and tasks for the week. 

There is a daily calendar for you to make notes for the day.

Every week, identify a top Goal from the goals for the month. Also identify the top tasks that will help you achieve your top goal so you finish the week getting done all that is necessary.

Create your to-do lists for the week and make a note of your prayer requests and expenses that week.

Prayer Requests and a Record of Answers

Every month, have a Bible verse to encourage you and be your watchword and promise for the month.

Note your answered prayers and those things you are grateful and thankful for. Gratitude opens fresh doors!

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