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5 Fashion Design Styles for Accessories Designers

When planning a collection, what style are you planning around? Who are your target customers and do you take their taste into consideration when planning your collection of accessories.

Let’s look at these five styles and the images will show how different they are and how the colours used are also distinct: Sophisticated, Indie Chic, Fresh, Romantic and Comfort.

So what is the style of your target customer? You will notice that even the fabrics used for each style is different.

As a bag designer, I would use lace and satiny fabrics for the sophisticated and romantic styles. I would also use floral fabrics for the romantic styles.

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I would use denim, leather and corduroy fabrics for the indie chic and comfort styles and then use Ankara fabric for the Fresh style.

Let’s take a look at some of my designs for the different styles below






Do you observe styles in your collections? Another way to design is to have a collection that has more than one style in it but which can be tied together by the season colours and workmanship.

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What are your preferred styles? Do you have customers who lean more towards one style than another?

One Key Trend Forecasting Hack for Designers

A key part of creating a good collection is to look at and forecast the trends for the coming season.

The season colours are a very important part of this exercise.

Take a look at the Season Colours research done in Fall 2015 and Fall 2016 by drilling down into the runway collection of two brands.

Is this a hack that you use frequently in your design process?

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Most times I go through this process, but I must confess that a lot of times, I come across some fabric or a piece of leather that I fall in love with and I start to design around it, regardless of what the seasons colours are! Oh well!

Comment below and let me know what works well for you.