Are you ready to get your business in the best shape possible?

Get the Business Growth Journal! It's a hard cover journal that is the right size to fit in your bag and you can carry it along with you daily

Packed full of essential tracking and planning sheets for your business, its a steal at just N3000

Here's why our customers love the Business Growth Journal


The Journal is undated. That means you can start to use it at any time and use it for a full year before you need to get another one.

Blogging Tools

Plan your blogging goals for each month and then go ahead to plan your posts monthly. Also create a monthly posting schedule - not only for your blog but also for social media.

Finance Trackers

Where does your money go? Keep track of all expenses and income monthly and annually. Also create budgets for your advertising campaigns

Social Media
Track your adverts and your monthly stats

Every month track the effectiveness of your social media campaigns - budget, runtime, goal, amount spent, target audience, reach, lead generated and cost per reach.

Drill down into the traffic data for your different social media handles, your lead magnets analysis, email subscribers and sales on a monthly basis.

Plan your blogging goals and monthly posts

Every month decide what 5 main goals you want to accomplish  and which 5 products you want to promote. 

Plan your posts and create a monthly posting schedule.

Drill down into the analytics of your blog and social media pages so you can compare the performance over the different months and how your different products perform.

Annual social media stats and monthly posting schedules

Plan out what to post and where to post for every day of each month. Which platforms will you engage your audience on each day of the week, and what will you talk about?

What does your stats look like at the end of each year? You need to start figuring that vital information out now!

Monthly and Annual Finance Trackers

Every month keep a tab on how much income your business receives and how much you spend. Also record where the money comes from and where it goes.

At the end of the year, have a record of what your profit is for the year under review.

Lead Magnets and Giveaways

What lead magnets and contest giveaways do you have planned for the year? Plan for each campaign and determine when it starts and ends, total number of downloads, total number of subscribers and how your mailing list is segmented.

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