3 Ways I use my hand painted silk fabrics

My favourite thing to do with my hand painted silk fabrics is to make bags with them. I make bags and have an accessories brand ( ETILOI ) so I guess it makes sense!

I rarely use the silk fabric on its own though. I usually pair it with either Ankara fabric, Damask or Aso One fabric for a nice contrast in texture and design.

Below are a few clutch bags I made from some of my free hand painted silks

Another thing I love to do is to make wall decor. I have the silk mounted and framed and then sold as wall panels. Folk seem to like them a lot, so I guess I need to do some more and take better pictures too.

The third thing I do with my hand painted silk fabric is to make throw pillows or boudoir pillows as some call them. Folks like those because I always use free hand designs on them so there are no two pieces exactly the same. People always want exclusive stuff, No?

Unfortunately I have no pictures but promise to start to do better with my picture taking.